struggles with life

so we’re all wondering.. what are we doing on here? well we’re not sure but here it goes.

We all live in this strange place and sometimes, we struggle to get through it. We think, what’s the point in this if we’re all gonna die anyway? well we can tell you now, that the key is, be happy! I know it sounds like major cringe alert but hey your not the only one struggling. Well this is quite a start to our blogging- yes there’s two of us- but you know how it is, tryna impress and all that but you know what? we’re not going to. We are who we are and we are what we make ourselves into. Yes our blogs might be soppy at times and have major cringe alerts, heartbreak blogs and sad-I-wanna-die- blogs. But do you know what its mostly going to be? US! just us and our lives. Hoping that someone wants to listen when we feel like we can’t talk to anyone else. So why not share it on social media where no one knows who you are and can’t judge you? Sounds perfect too me:)

So carrying on with the subject of life- yes that massive thing we go through and toss around and don’t respect- we all know its tough so why don’t we stick together? if its something worth crying about then why don’t we stick together as one? That’s just our opinion.

Well we didn’t plan on making a blog like this but hey what’s too miss? more on the subject of life later because you know¬†we do have a life as much as it seems so cya later alligators;)

Girlsanonymous Xxx